Fees & How to Join

Please review the fees and choose the appropriate level for your organization or yourself. Scroll down to the sign-up links, click on the link to the appropriate level, and follow the instructions to complete your membership application.


Operator Level 1 ≥300,000 GT $28,500
Operator Level 2 150-299,999 GT $20,000
Operator Level 3 100-149,999 GT $12,500
Operator Level 4 50-99,999 GT $5,000
Operator Level 5 25-49,999 GT $2,000
Operator Level 6 ≤24,999 GT $1,500
Associate Level 1 Revenue ≥ $100m $2,000
Associate Level 2 Revenue $25-99m $1,500
Associate Level 3 Revenue ≤ $24m $750
Individuals $400
Retired/Student $200


  1. Operators in Levels 1 – 3 automatically have a seat on the Operators Policy Committee, which has the responsibility of supervising the regulatory and policy work of the association. Any operator may upgrade their membership level if they wish to take advantage of this opportunity.
  2. Operator and Associate members may have multiple employees included in their Interferry membership:
    • Operator Levels 1 – 3: the limit is 10 employees
    • Operator Levels 4, 5, 6 and Associate Levels 1, 2, 3: the limit is 4 employees
  1. Individual memberships are for those people not associated with any company or who are with a company but are personally paying their own membership fee. Retired memberships are for those people who are retired but want to keep in contact with the industry. No company name will be attached to these memberships.
  2. Interferry Bylaw II 5 states that any member in good standing may resign from membership in the following year by sending a written resignation to the Secretary by September 30 of the current year, otherwise the membership shall be automatically renewed.

The Basis for the Membership Fee Structure

Interferry’s membership fee structure is based on the following factors:

  1. Members pay in proportion to the benefits they derive from Interferry’s regulatory and policy work, which represent a substantial proportion of the association’s operating costs.
  2. This means that operators will pay more than non-operators. Therefore, the membership has been divided into two broad categories: Operators and Associates.
  3. Because Associates pay lower fees on average than Operators does not mean that they are viewed as second class members. They have played an important role in the association since its inception in 1976. Many Associate members make an additional financial contribution by sponsoring the annual conference. Associate members have full voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and are guaranteed at least two positions on the Board of Directors.
  4. Member fees are also based on the ability to pay which means that larger firms pay more than smaller firms.
  5. Operator size is measured by fleet gross tonnage (GT).
    Associate size is measured by gross annual revenue (turnover).




Thank-you for your interest in joining Interferry.

Please select the appropriate level of membership below and complete the on-line application.

To learn more about the membership levels and fees, please click here. Yearly membership fees will be prorated for the current year if joining after January 31.

We look forward to having you as a member of our association.