Iran-Oman Fast Ferry Link

The recent agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear capabilities has opened the way to a much-awaited ferry service between Oman and Iran. Mehdi Abduwani, CEO, National Ferries Company (NFC) hailed the news and confirmed that the route is likely to be finalised by the end of the year. “This is indeed a historic moment and we at the …read more

15 Killed in Nile Ferry Crash

At least 15 people were killed after a cargo boat collided with a ferry on the Nile on Wednesday. Traffic has been heavy along the Nile, particularly near Cairo, where Egyptians have been celebrating the feast after the holy month of Ramadan. Nile rides are one of the holiday favorites, but many city dwellers also …read more

Bureaucracy and Short Sea Shipping

Twelve months on and even after exciting celebrations like the recent European Shipping Week, no fewer than nine European maritime organisations have published a joint letter noting the disappointing lack of progress in any moves to encourage the growth of shortsea shipping. The letter is well crafted and worth reading, pointing out the impediments to …read more

What We Should Learn from Ferry Disasters

By Wendy Laursen After a serious ferry disaster with significant loss of life, it is human nature to seek to punish those “who are responsible.”  Is this the right thing to do?  Should we hang the culprits from the nearest lamppost and move on? The IMO says not. The IMO Casualty Investigation Code calls for …read more