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Darrell Bryan Retires from Clipper Navigation

Apr 25, 2015

Darrell Bryan has announced his retirement after serving as CEO at Seattle-based Clipper Navigation since 1986. Founder of the company, Meredith Tall will assume the leadership of the business as the CEO and Chair. Darrell continues to be a co-owner and will assist the business as an advisor. For the foreseeable future, Darrell will work on transition projects and Clipper’s new ventures, and assist Merideth with specific initiatives.

Darrell has also been a leader in the industry. He has served on the Boards of both the US Passenger Vessel Association and Interferry. In 2001 Darrell was President of Interferry and hosted a very successful Interferry conference in Seattle, despite the challenge of having the event two weeks after 9/11. He was also instrumental in the transition from the old International Marine Transit Association to the new Interferry.

Clipper Navigation runs a fleet of three passenger-only catamarans with service to the San Juan Islands and Victoria, British Columbia. Clipper Vacations offers tours, excursions and packages throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Second Stena HSS to be Scrapped

Apr 24, 2015

Shippax Information

HSS DISCOVERY, the catamaran formerly operating between Harwich and the Hook of Holland as STENA DISCOVERY, has been sold to Turkish interests for USD2.1m after being put up for auction in Curacao where it had been lying since November 2011.

Last of three HSS 1500 craft to be completed at Finnyards in Rauma and delivered to Stena Line BV in April 1997, the 1,500 passenger/375 car craft operated on the England-Holland route until January 2007. Powered by four gas turbines with a 40 knots top speed, STENA DISCOVERY was laid-up in Belfast until bought by a Venezuelan company in May 2009. It never entered service in Venezuela.

Sister craft STENA VOYAGER, used between Belfast and Stranraer, was broken-up at Landskrona last year while STENA EXPLORER, operated between Holyhead and Dun Laoghaire until autumn 2014, now lies idle at the Anglesey port.

In May HSS DISCOVERY will be towed from Curacao to Turkey for scrapping, a voyage of almost 5,400 nautical miles expected to take about 37 days.