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Interferry Welcomes IMO Decision on LNG Fuel Tanks

Nov 24, 2014

Interferry News Release

Interferry has welcomed a decision at last week’s IMO Maritime Safety Committee meeting (MSC94) setting out rules for the location of fuel tanks on LNG-powered ships – a decision that the trade association says will safeguard further development of the LNG option. Following concerted cross industry coordination, key member states agreed a way forward that offers impact protection of the tanks in the event of collision or grounding while avoiding the potentially prohibitive requirements of proposals previously under discussion. 

Until now the IMO’s efforts to avoid damage to LNG tanks and the consequent fire hazard have focused on placement of the tanks according to a mix of prescriptive rules and sophisticated calculation models.  This has caused increasing concern among ship designers and owners because LNG is more voluminous per energy content than conventional fuels and therefore needs bigger tank systems.  Objectors to the approach argued that the space methodology limited the fuel autonomy of vessels - raising the unreasonable expectation of them having to refuel at every port of call. 

Good News from Greece

Nov 21, 2014

Shippax Information

Riding on the wave of a strong summer, Greece’s Attica Holdings, operator of Blue Star Ferries and Superfast Ferries, has pushed up its profit for the first nine months of 2014. The company's €6.11m net profit for the first three quarters of 2014 is a significant 47% increase on the €4.15m recorded 12 months ago. The company notes that for the nine months of 2014 the revenue increase was registered in the Greek domestic routes, but was offset by a decrease in income in the Adriatic Sea. With Attica in positive territory for the nine months, a €4m boost is set to come in the final quarter from the sale of the BLUE STAR ITHAKI to the Canadian government for €31m.